Organic, Natural, Chemical Free & Preservative Free

(Disclaimer: This post is not meant to hurt any individual/company)


Let’s look at some of the most misconstrued words in the beauty industry.



In simple terms, it means naturally occurring ingredients. But please know, even snake venom is natural which has both good properties and bad properties. 

For example, coconut oil is a naturally occurring oil. But when it's extracted by using a hot process method, many of the good properties and nutrients are lost. So, we need to look at both the product and process prior to labelling it as 100% NATURAL. 


Our formulation is a mix of carefully handpicked and naturally obtained ingredients, skin loving oils and unrefined butters, pure essential oils and safe additives.


Using one single organic ingredient doesn’t make the whole product Organic. 

Formulation of product using organically farmed ingredients that are grown and processed without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), Seeds, Herbicides and synthetic fertilizers etc fall under this category. Of course, the credibility is further established with certifications from respective governing bodies to prove the authenticity. 


Our essential oils and hydrosols are certified Organic by USDA. Additionally, our base, carrier, spice oils, bases, extracts also have Organic certification from UK Certification and Inspection Ltd. We have also mentioned our detailed ingredients list bifurcating oils, butters, additives etc.


Would you buy a product with Butyrospermum parkii in it? We would, because Butyrospermum parkii is a chemical terminology for Shea butter. We as a brand are advised to write chemical names on labels as per laws and regulations. Even water and salt have chemical names but do their chemical terminologies make them detrimental to health or environment? Absolutely not. 

So, do not fret when you read the chemical names of the ingredients. Feel free to write to us for any clarifications. 



Preservatives are needed for all water-based products be it food or cosmetics, without which there will be bacteria and mold growth. The product might look and smell great without preservatives, however, there will be gram negative bacteria growing in it which is harmful and negatively affects the efficacy of the product. To prevent this, we need preservatives. 


The percentage of preservatives used in a product defines whether the product is Preservative free or not. 


As per rules, 0.5% - 1% usage is allowed - those products are called Preservatives free but to increase the shelf-life of the products, many companies tend to increase the preservatives up to 5% which is harmful and cannot be called Preservatives Free. 





Well, we are a beautiful blend of natural ingredients, organic essential oils and safe chemicals. We derive inspiration from ancient Ayurveda as well as modern day aesthetics. 


We choose our ingredients based on 3 principles: how it is derived, quality and effectiveness. Additionally, we are also Vegan except for our Pedi butter. We refrain from parabens, sulphates, urea and other nasties. 

Our aim is to become a household brand name across the globe and we have to take many factors into consideration such as weather conditions, room temperature of storage/warehouse facilities, logistics timeline etc. prior to our products reaching you. Hence, we do use certain preservatives approved by our panel of experts. However, be rest assured the percentage of usage is up to 0.5% , as a result we can label ourselves as PRESERVATIVES FREE.

Our full list of ingredients is mentioned on labels and website because we take great pride in our creations. 



Tanu & Pooja

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