Self-Care Routine

Why should you start?

Just like how you follow a daily routine for your everyday life, similarly, you need to follow a simple, suitable but achievable routine for your skin too. 


We shed dead skin cells throughout the day, everyday. It is important we get rid of these dead skin and give the skin necessary nutrients back to regrow and stay healthy. We can achieve this by gentle exfoliation, regular washing, cleansing and toning.
Sounds complicated? Not really! We go to the gym, or for a walk or maintain a daily workout routine to shed off those extra calories, maintain a healthy diet and provide our body with the necessary nutrients to maintain optimum physical health.

When we are regular with our physical routine why not for skin-care? 


Skin care routine should primarily cover cleansing and strengthening. 


When should you start?

Age does not matter; all you have to do is stick to the best suited routine and follow it religiously. 


What are the steps? 


Varies from one individual to another.
But the beginner’s step would be to cleanse and nourish. Don’t overwhelm your skin with too many steps and products. Start slow.

A good start would be a night routine with three simple steps that work best. 

Face wash – Cleans/removes the dirt. 

Scrub – Exfoliator to remove the dead skin

Moisturiser – Food to the skin, for strengthening and repairing.  



As you get used to it, add an additional step - application of a toner or serum. 

Adding a good face pack in your routine weekly once or twice helps detoxify your skin and boost elasticity. Make sure to use a face pack depending on your skin type.

Self care begins today.



Tanu & Pooja

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