We are plastic neutral and this is how we did it.

What is Plastic Neutrality?

BodyCafé is an earth-first brand and achieving plastic neutrality is another step towards healing our planet. 

Plastic neutrality is the practice of removing the same amount of plastic from the environment as released by an entity. 

This is how we achieved plastic neutrality:

  • For every Kg of plastic we sell, we remove and cleanse the environment of the equivalent amount of plastic waste
  • Plastic neutrality doesn’t mean that we are plastic-free. It means we are taking active steps to reduce our plastic footprint. 
  • We do this through our partnership with The Disposal company
  • The Disposal Company facilitates the ethical collection, processing, recycling, and reuse of plastic waste


How Does this Work?

A small investment today paves the way for a better and more impactful tomorrow. Becoming plastic neutral affects an entire ecosystem, helping the environment and our communities to prosper from it.

Since we all coexist, impactful changes are achieved when we all come together and do our bit.


Helping Hand

Make your order plastic neutral by choosing to donate a few extra rupees at the checkout. Our partnership with The Disposal Company not just allows us to stay true to our mission of being an aspirational, value-driven brand but also encourages and empowers our customers to offset their plastic footprint and begin their plastic-neutral journey. 


Social Impact

Your money helps facilitate waste pickers with formal job opportunities, healthcare, and stable living conditions.


Environmental Impact

By recycling plastic which is otherwise non-profitable to recycle, we can keep our environment clean and healthy together



What has BodyCafé done so far?

The personal care industry, worth over $500 billion, relies heavily on harmful packaging and ingredients that often find their way into delicate environments such as our seas and oceans. We at BodyCafé refrain from using single-use plastic and ingredients that have harmful effects on marine life. Our products are carefully formulated without any marine toxic ingredients such as microbeads, musk, seaweed, etc. 

We observe minimum wastage during the manufacturing of our products, thereby making it energy efficient. Our packaging materials from bubble wrap to courier pouches are recyclable eliminating single-use plastic. The bottling materials used are made out of recycled materials and underneath the spray/pump containers, a numerical value is mentioned that denotes the number of times the final product has been recycled. The leftover raw materials (bottling and packaging) are handed over to units that recycle them and convert them into another of the same or other useful items, including but not limited to clothes, furniture, fences, new bottles, bags, and containers. The bottles are ground up and shredded into flakes. Finally, they are melted down and formed into small pellets, each about the size of a rice grain. The pellets are bundled up and made into the final recycled product.


Our Impact 

-Achieved  over 105 credits from post-consumer usage of plastic waste

-Supporting the community of rag-pickers 

-Aiming to become a plastic-positive brand by the end of 2022. 




Q1: What is the proof of plastic neutrality

Ans: The Disposal Company provides the seal of Sustainability™ certification which is the gold standard for plastic neutral brands. The Disposal Company is an authorized Plastic Waste Recycling Impact project certified under PWM Rules by the Central Pollution Control Board of India. 


Q2: What are plastic credits?

Plastic credits are measurable, verifiable, and traceable units, issued by certified waste management companies like The disposal Company. One plastic credit is equal to one kg of plastic recycled. When the entire plastic usage is balanced, the company becomes Plastic Neutral. 


Q3: Does plastic neutrality mean all your products are plastic-free?

No. Plastic-free implies that there is zero usage of plastic in the company’s operations. 

For us, plastic neutrality means that for every Kg of plastic we sell, we remove and cleanse the environment of the equivalent amount of plastic waste. This gives every purchase of our products a net-zero plastic footprint.


Q4: What is the difference between plastic and carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere facilitated by an individual or an organization, whereas plastic footprint is the amount of plastic your lifestyle demands.


Q5: How can I donate?

On the checkout page, there's an option as seen in the image, to make your order plastic neutral. Tick the box and then check out.

The amount donated by you is securely routed to The Disposal Company’s Impact Projects.


Q6:Where does my donation go?

All the donations are used in funding The Disposal Company to collect, clean, segregate and recycle as much plastic waste from the ecosystem as possible.

We guarantee that your contribution will keep the promised amount of plastic out of our ecosystem and help waste workers to find jobs and livelihoods.

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