About us

What is our Vision?

We aspire to be a household name for wellness and beauty care.

What is our Mission?

Raise awareness of the benefits of organic products made from forgotten ancient Indian ingredients, Ayurveda and Healing Aromatherapy.


What is BodyCafé all about?

BodyCafé is an organic grooming and wellness brand that is based on authentic and traditional beauty practices. We take inspiration from ancient home remedies (gharelu nuskhe), the goodness of nature (prakriti), and Ayurveda. 

How was BodyCafé born?

The global market for vegan cosmetics is expected to record $21.4 billion by 2027 & despite so many skincare brands in the market, we see alarmingly increasing skincare complaints and more and more online DIY skincare searches. More & more people are resorting to natural skincare via DIYs. We realised most people do not have access to off-the-shelf products that offer them ancient remedies and are price sensitive. They dedicate a ‘self-care Sunday’ to make these combinations at home, which is not sustainable.
We address this directly, by manufacturing our products in house with the quality of age-old remedies and nature’s goodness and give our users an affordable packed product.

What is so special about us?

Painstaking research, highest standards of purity, authenticity, quality, and ethical sourcing of organic ingredients go into the making of our products. Unlike most skincare brands, we do not outsource the manufacturing of our products and develop them in house. Our ingredients are extremely unique and we bring forgotten ancient Indian ingredients to the forefront. As a brand we refrain from any marketing language that could contribute to body dysmorphia and maintain absolute honesty and transparency be it in our products or in our branding.

The ingredients used for preparing our products are derived from plant sources that are farmed using organic farming methods and are free from the use of pesticides, petroleum-based fertilisers, or bio engineered genes. They have certifications of purity and authenticity from relevant boards, for instance, USDA Organics &/or India Organics to name a few.

Additionally, they are free from parabens, artificial or synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, mineral oils & paraffin and harmful additives.

We prepare them using the tried and tested hand-me-down household methods practised and perfected over the years. Enhanced with the pure, natural fragrance of aromatic extracts almost always easily biodegradable and hence environment-friendly.

We offer a wide range of products that are categorised under daily grooming, wellness, and spa range. Under the daily grooming section we cater to three major categories, viz, Facial Care, Body Care and Hair Care. These products are further classified under Lifestyle range for everyday use, and Spa & Luxury range to help you treat yourself to a revitalising spa experience. 

We also provide you with bespoke hampers and travelling kits of our products so that nothing comes between you and a healthy lifestyle. We also do customised gift hampers. This gives our users the option to not just enjoy our products but also have them made as per their choice and preference. We empower at least 5 homepreneurs when we offer gifting solutions to our clients as we strongly believe in the power of community over competition.

With the pandemic, more and more businesses are opting for homegrown brands with strong value propositions. We are extremely proud to be a #womenled #vocalforlocal #MadeInIndia brand live pan India & Dubai. With few esteemed corporate clients such as Amazon, Fynd, Axis Bank, Miniso, MakeMyTrip, DrinkPrime, Govt. Of Maharashtra, Brandcurry, and having catered to clients globally, we have managed to carve a steady niche for ourselves.

How are we not ‘just another skincare brand’ ?

We started BodyCafé in 2019 and have built the proof of concept on 'word of mouth' and cater to the Gen 'WHY' by building a value centric, ethos driven brand that also leaves a social and conscious footprint.

Through our brand, we empower the Indian agriculturalists - the REAL GROWERS and strongly focus on the community grown products of India. For instance we procure Lakadong Turmeric from Padma Shri awardee Trinity Saioo also known as the Turmeric lady of India who is credited with spearheading the women led turmeric farming in the North East of India and just with this association empowered over 1500 women farmers. We include women in our value chain by including warriors of domestic and marital abuse in our packing and bottling. We are Vegan (except for our pedi butter), cruelty free & we are also certified Plastic Neutral.

Each year, more than 110 million animals are killed in wasteful and unreliable experiments each year. We do not add to those stats. To provide you with products that are cruelty free & made from ethically sourced ingredients is our responsibility. 35% of consumers actively look for "cruelty-free" claims on beauty products. Out of all cruelty-free beauty consumers, 73% support cruelty-free brands regardless of the parent company's policy. These stats need to improve and the responsibility is on YOU. Except for our pedi butter, all our products are vegan & contain no animal fats. The personal care industry, worth over $500 billion, relies heavily on harmful packaging and ingredients that often find their way into delicate environments such as our seas and oceans. We at BodyCafé refrain from using single-use plastic and ingredients that have harmful effects on marine life. Our products are carefully formulated without any marine toxic ingredients such as microbeads, musk, seaweed etc.
We observe minimum wastage during the manufacturing of our products, thereby making it energy efficient. Our packaging materials from bubble wraps to courier pouches are recyclable eliminating single use plastic. The bottling materials used are made out of recycled materials and underneath the spray/pump containers, a numerical value is mentioned that denotes the number of times the final product has been recycled. The leftover raw materials (bottling and packaging) are handed over to units that recycle them and convert them into another of the same or other useful items, including but not limited to clothes, furniture, fences, new bottles, bags, and containers. The bottles are ground up and shredded into flakes. Finally, they are melted down and formed into small pellets, each about the size of a rice grain. The pellets are bundled up and make the final recycled product.

We are certified plastic neutral and have the Seal of Sustainability via The Disposal Company. 65% consumers want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability. The aim to go Plastic Neutral with this partnership with The Disposal Company is to tackle the real problem: plastic that wouldn’t ordinarily be profitable to recycle.

We fund the removal of plastic from our nature & actively build an energy efficient roadmap for us. So far we have recycled over 100000 gms of plastic from our planet via The Disposal Company and our aim is to be certified Plastic Positive in the next 6 months. Our partnership with The Disposal Company not just allows us to stay true to our mission of being an aspirational, value driven brand but also encourages and empowers our customers to offset their plastic footprint and begin their plastic neutral journey. Additionally, we also empower waste workers who catalyse the ethical collection and recycling of plastic waste that wouldn’t ordinarily be profitable to recycle.

Remember, when you shop from us, you not only help a women led, homegrown brand grow but also contribute to our mission of building ourselves as a value driven brand.
You can view our range at www.bodycafe.in and use coupon code TDC40 (valid until 31st July 2022 with no T&Cs) and avail a 40% discount on your order :) Everytime this coupon is used, BodyCafé will recycle double the plastic used in this order.