Pooja Karegoudar

R&D, Production, Supply-Chain Management, Inventory Management, Logistics, Taxation & Compliance, 

B.Tech (Instrumentation Technology)

I am an Engineer by qualification and though I burnt a lot of midnight oil to obtain my degree, somehow the idea of a 9-5 job never really lured me.

I have always had the passion to create something new. I love playing with ingredients, aroma and colours. My kitchen is my lab because I will always be experimenting with something new. The entrepreneur bug bit me when I started my wedding planning company CircleTheDate and to see the smiles of the happy brides was indeed gratifying. I then started with my baking venture Ovenly.

A food enthusiast, a movie buff, mommie to an adorable son and a woman entrepreneur, hit me up if you want to know anything more about BodyCafé.


Tanushree Ishani D

Operations, Business Development, Finance, Partnerships & Expansion, Fund Raising, Sales & Marketing

King's College London Alumni
M.Sc. Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology

Ex Goldman Sachs, Lookup

Author: Appraisal and motivation: Relationship between Performance Appraisal & Employee Motivation published by Lambert Academy

My tryst with entrepreneurship began when I started leading the Mount Carmel College (Bangalore) Entrepreneurship cell Initium.

I started my career with Goldman Sachs in 2010 post my B.A in Psychology, Economics & Sociology from Mount Carmel College (Bangalore). I moved to London to pursue my MSc. in Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology from King’s College. My research “How Appraisal affects motivation in India & UK” has been published as a book by Lambert Academic Publishing.

The journey at BodyCafé is challenging yet nurturing. I’ve realised that despite being familiar with most of the theoretical ‘know hows’, there will be new challenges everyday that will come with no manual on how to manoeuvre through them 🙂

A brand built on ethics, excellence and smiles of our users is what BodyCafé stands for.

Me in one line? A foodie, movie buff, bibliophile, avid traveller and a human in progress.