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The Spotless Squad

The Spotless Squad

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Tanning, Pigmentation, Dull, washed-out, and uneven skin tone are some of the most common skincare concerns we receive from our users.
Some skin tones are more susceptible to pigmentation disorders than others, especially in Asia and India. Furthermore, exposure to UV radiation is known to trigger or increase pigmentation disorders.

But you do not need to worry anymore. BodyCafé brings to you this much needed anti pigmentation facial kit - The Spotless Squad.

Painstaking research, the highest standards of purity, authenticity, quality, and ethical sourcing of organic ingredients go into the making of our products to treat complaints like tanning, pigmentation, dark lips, pigmented lips, dark spots, acne scars, darkened areas from underarms, ankles, elbows and even thighs and other blemishes of the skin.

Our products are made of nutrient-rich organic ingredients, purest of essential oils, and lots of love to heal your skin, hair, and body in a safe, gentle yet truly effective way. They are natural and organic, free from parabens, artificial or synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, mineral oils and paraffin, and harmful additives. We have also applied the science of Aromatherapy in our range to create a perfect harmony between the mind, body, and spirit for our users.

How To Use:
  1. Clean your face thoroughly. Gently and effectively remove dead skin cells, pull out deep impurities, grime, and dirt from your skin with our Turmeric & Ginger Face & Body Scrub.
 Apply sufficient amount of scrub over wet skin and massage gently in small, circular motions. Allow the granules to remove dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

  2. Use a tiny amount of Coffee Caramel lip scrub on your lips and massage gently for exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly.
    Our signature Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub curated by experts gives your lips protection from UV rays while locking in deep nourishment at the same time.
    Designed using fresh Arabica coffee powder, Coffee oil, this lip scrub has toning properties as well. 
Cane sugar acts as a natural exfoliator and is not harsh on your lips. Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub by BodyCafé gently exfoliates the dead skin layer and also helps de-tan your lips and makes them appear fuller and firmer. It is excellent to remove lipstick debris which is super inconvenient to otherwise remove from regular cleansing. A safe option for you, our lip scrubs have no added artificial colors or mica and are made from fresh ground coffee beans and come in cute packaging to carry with you anywhere. Click here to know more.

  3. Apply liberally a thin layer of our signature vegan Vanilla Lip Balm. Use your index finger, applying to the center of the bottom lip first, working your way toward the corners. Use a small amount and apply evenly to the lips, adding more balm as necessary.
    The rich combination of Unrefined Triple butter (Mango, Shea, Cocoa), Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn oil, Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Almond oil, Extra virgin Olive oil, Jojoba oil & Vanilla EO gives your lips tender love and care.
    The vanilla essential oil has soothing and calming properties that ease any inflammation. Our lip balms curated by experts also give your lips protection from UV rays. A safe option for you, these lip balms have no added colors or mica and come in cute packaging to carry with you all day long. AND, they are now VEGAN :) Can be also used as a lip primer to make lips look fuller and plump. This unisex French Vanilla Lip Balm by BodyCafé is a must-have for all those who are fans of the classic King of all flavors Vanilla. Do not wait any more, get the perfect smile on with the French Vanilla Lip Balm by BodyCafé.
    Click here for more details
Skin Type: All skin types. Please refrain from using these products if you have recently undorgone any chemical skin treatments. 

1 unit of Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub (50 gms)
1 unit of Vanilla Lip Balm (10 gms)
1 unit of Turmeric Ginger Face & Body Scrub (100 gms)
Vegan: Yes

We are extremely honored and privileged to be procuring Lakadong Turmeric from Padma Shri Award Winner Trinity Saioo via Maati Community also known as the Turmeric Lady who spearheads a Women-led turmeric farming movement and has popularized the indigenous ‘Lakadong‘ variety of High Curcumin Turmeric.

Lakadong ‘Chyrmit’ or Turmeric is a special variety of turmeric from a place called ‘Lakadong‘, in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. It is known for its medicinal qualities, as the Curcumin content in it is 7 %, which is one of the highest, as against 2 to 3% in most varieties of turmeric.

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Why shop from BodyCafé?

The global market for vegan cosmetics is growing in billions every year. However, despite so many skincare brands in the market, we see alarmingly increasing skincare complaints and more and more online DIY skincare searches. More & more people are resorting to natural skincare via DIYs. We realised most people do not have access to off-the-shelf products that offer them ancient remedies and are price sensitive. They dedicate a ‘self-care Sunday’ to make these combinations at home, which is not sustainable. We address this directly, by hand making our products with the quality of age-old remedies and nature’s goodness and give our users an affordable packed product.

BodyCafé is an organic grooming and wellness brand that is based on authentic and traditional beauty practices. We take inspiration from ancient home remedies (gharelu nuskhe), the goodness of nature (prakriti), and Ayurveda. 


We started BodyCafé in 2019 and have built the proof of concept on 'word of mouth' and cater to the Gen 'WHY' by building a value centric, ethos driven brand that also leaves a social and conscious footprint.

Our ingredients & quality control.

Painstaking research, highest standards of purity, authenticity, quality, and ethical sourcing of organic ingredients go into the making of our products.  The ingredients used for preparing our products are derived from plant sources that are farmed using organic farming methods and are free from the use of pesticides, petroleum-based fertilisers, or bio engineered genes. They have certifications of purity and authenticity from relevant boards, for instance, USDA &/or India Organics to name a few. Additionally, they are free from parabens, artificial or synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, mineral oils & paraffin and harmful additives.

We prepare them using the tried and tested hand-me-down household methods practiced and perfected over the years. Enhanced with the pure, natural fragrance of aromatic extracts almost always easily biodegradable and hence environment-friendly. We are also ISO & WHO GMP Certified.

Gentle on Mother Earth

Our products are cruelty free, vegetarian, vegan (except for our pedi butter) & contain no animal fats.We at BodyCafé refrain from using single-use plastic and ingredients that have harmful effects on marine life. Our products are carefully formulated without any marine toxic ingredients such as microbeads, musk, seaweed etc.Our packaging materials from bubble wraps to courier pouches are recyclable eliminating single use plastic. The bottling materials used are made out of recycled materials.We arecertified plastic neutraland have the Seal of Sustainability via The Disposal Company. Additionally, we fund the removal of plastic from our nature & actively build an energy efficient roadmap for us. So far, BodyCafé recycles over 100000 gms of plastic every quarter from our planet via The Disposal Company and our aim is to be certified Plastic Positive in the next 6 months. This will be possible with your help and support. Remember, when you shop from us, you not only help a homegrown brand grow but also contribute to our mission of building ourselves as a value driven aspirational brand.

How do we at BodyCafé aim for a better tomorrow?

BodyCaféis an organic grooming and wellness brand that is based on authentic and traditional beauty practices. We take inspiration from ancient home remedies (gharelu nuskhe), the goodness of nature (prakriti), and Ayurveda.

Through our brand, we empower the Indian agriculturalists - the REAL GROWERS of India and strongly focus on the community grown products of India. For instance we procure Lakadong Turmeric from Padma Shri awardee Trinity Saioo also known as the Turmeric lady of India who is credited with spearheading the women led turmeric farming in the North East of India and just with this association empowered over 1000 women farmers. We include women in our value chain by including warriors of domestic and marital abuse in our packing and bottling. We are Vegan (except for our pedi butter), cruelty free & we are also certified Plastic Neutral.

Corporate & Bulk orders

With the pandemic, more and more businesses are opting for homegrown brands with strong value propositions. We are extremely proud to be a #womenled #vocalforlocal #MadeInIndia brand live in India & UAE.With few esteemed corporate clients such as Amazon, Fynd, Axis Bank, Miniso, MakeMyTrip, DrinkPrime, Govt. Of Maharashtra, Brandcurry, and having catered to clients globally, we have managed to carve a steady niche for ourselves.

Gift your valued near and dear ones the best of nature and Ayurveda and show them you care. Choose from our variety of gifting choices in packaging of your choice. Our team will work closely with you to offer bespoke gifts that are perfectly suited to your needs. For gifting queries (weddings, birthdays, corporate, baby showers etc)/collaborations/events/tie-ups, please drop us an email at with your requirement, quantity, budget and expected date of delivery and contact details and someone from our team will get in touch with you immediately.

Please note, a minimum of 15 days notice (based on the order quantity) is required for bespoke bulk orders and shipping charges based on the weight and location of the order are applicable for bulk orders.

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